Real Estate


1+ billion CZK
Investors’ funds invested in the fund have already reached an appreciation of more than 1 bn CZK

Property management

Comprehensive management of the fund’s properties and their operation are ensured by Real Estate Facility Management a.s. from DRFG, an investment group. The purpose of facility and property management is to ensure the technical administration and efficient operation of properties, lease of premises, to provide administrative and economic support and communication with lessees. These activities have a major impact on the value of properties, and therefore also on the fund’s performance.

Real Estate Facility Management currently looks after several dozens of buildings and 300 lessees in the Czech Republic and Poland. They predominantly include commercial parks or shopping centres and warehousing premises. The buildings are used by creditworthy lessees belonging to large grocery chains, drug stores, pharmacies, hobby markets, pet centres, as well as sellers of household goods, sporting goods, or discounted fashion and footwear.

The data for the fund’s portfolio and reports for investors are processed by the analytical team of DRFG.

OC Lannova České Budějovice
  • Angelika Houdková

    CEO Real Estate Facility Management

    Angelika Houdková

    CEO Real Estate Facility Management

    At DRFG, she is responsible for the entire real estate management division. Prior to joining DRFG, she was the strategic development director at Globus ČR for two years, where she established the Real Estate Leasing Department. She has also previously worked for Heinrich Nickel, Hypo stavební spořitelna and Kaufland.
  • Juraj Černička

    Member of the Investment Committee, Director of Risk/Business Support DRFG Real Estate

    Juraj Černička

    Member of the Investment Committee, Director of Risk/Business Support DRFG Real Estate

    At DRFG, he participates in financial and real estate activities.

    Prior to joining DRFG, he specialised in commercial and investment banking for more than 25 years. He worked for LBBW Bank, Expandia and ING Bank, including 14 years as a member of the Board of Directors with responsibility for Treasury, Corporate Banking and M&A.

Real Estate portfolio

CZK 7.18 billion

real estate value

198,733 m2

leasable floor area


  • SC Haná Olomouc

  • SC Géčko Liberec

  • Olomouc CITY

  • Logistic Park Týniště II. a III.

  • Retail Park Berounka

  • Retail Park Vyškov

  • SC Lannova, České Budějovice

  • JYSK Vyškov

  • Centro Ostrava Retail Park

  • TESCO Český Těšín

  • Náměstí Svobody 20

  • Most Retail Park

  • JYSK Jindřichův Hradec

  • Retail Park Český Těšín

  • SC Paráda Hodonín

  • JYSK Písek

  • Retail Park Mělník

  • Retail Park Kyjov

  • Letovice

  • Retail Park Lanškroun

  • JYSK Mělník

  • Cataler Týniště


  • SC Ciechanów

  • Retail Park Józefosław

  • SC Piekary Śląskie

  • MMG Centers Szczecin

  • Retail Park Kutno

  • Boleslawiec Logistics Park

Technical administration

  • Maintenance and operation of structural parts
  • Maintenance and operation of technologies
  • Regular inspections and documentation
  • Reconstruction and changes of business units
  • Fire safety
  • Waste management
  • Construction of new parts and accompanying services
OC Haná Olomouc

Operation of properties, administration

  • Cleaning and guarding of buildings
  • Parking
  • Gardening services
  • Monitoring systems and their evaluation
  • Technology, LCD monitors, navigation
  • Telecommunication services
  • Marketing
  • Selection of suppliers and providers of all services
Retail Park Kutno Kutno, Polsko

Care of lessees and administrative work

  • Lease of commercial spaces
  • Management of lease agreements
  • Billing of services and energy
  • Invoicing
  • Collection of rentals and handling of claims
  • Taxes, insurance, subsidies
Jysk Vyškov Vyškov

Our lessees

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