Real Estate

Czech Real Estate Investment Fund

35,37 %
since establishment of the fund 2016
6% p.a.
expected yield for the years 2022 and 2023

About the fund

The Czech Real Estate Investment Fund, established in 2016, focuses on investments in existing commercial real estate in the Czech Republic, mainly in the retail, warehousing and light manufacturing sectors. Its strategy is aimed at conservative investors who prefer long-term stable appreciation with lower risk, benefiting from a high-quality rental real estate portfolio.

The fund maintains a high diversification of tenants, rental yields and locations across the Czech Republic. Four hundred tenants, primarily in regional shopping parks, ensure returns stability.

Investment strategy

The fund strategy is based on the acquisition of commercial real estate with a suitable structure of lessees and a permanent stable return that can be predicted based on concluded long-term lease agreements. The planned return on share certificates for investors is +5%. The fund primarily focuses on regional retail parks with a dominant weight of sellers of foodstuffs and essential needs (groceries, pharmacies, drug stores, etc.), and on logistics buildings and light manufacturing premises. The selected strategy has shown to be correct and resilient to unexpected crises in the past years.

Portfolio segment and regional diversification

We invest in various segments of commercial real estate in the entire Czech Republic and Poland. Lots of buildings, hundreds of creditworthy lessees and orientation on regions ensure the stability of the portfolio and its returns thanks to their diversification.

Creditworthy lessees with long-term contracts

Correct mix of lessees and long-term lease agreements are a key for stable income of the funds. The lessees are mainly large and financially strong multinational chains. The portfolio is characterised by its high and growing length of lease agreements.

Quality facility and property management

The care of the physical condition of buildings and quality of lease relationships has a significant impact on increasing the market value of properties and appreciation of invested funds. We look after more than 300 lessees in tens of properties in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Graph of the fund rate of return since establishment

Since its establishment, the fund brings a regular and stable yield to investors. Thanks to orientation on retail real estate, the level of risk is very low (2).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Appreciation in percent

Value of a share certificate

Yield table

Estimated return

The calculation assumes an appreciation of 6 % p.a.
based on a moderate assumption for the future period. Entry fee of 2.5 %.

Submitted 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years
CZK 50,000 CZK 1,675 CZK 8,062 CZK 15,238 CZK 37,304
CZK 100,000 CZK 3,350 CZK 16,124 CZK 30,477 CZK 74,608
CZK 150,000 CZK 5,025 CZK 24,186 CZK 45,715 CZK 111,911
CZK 200,000 CZK 6,700 CZK 32,248 CZK 60,954 CZK 149,215
CZK 250,000 CZK 8,375 CZK 40,310 CZK 76,192 CZK 186,519
CZK 500,000 CZK 16,750 CZK 80,620 CZK 152,385 CZK 373,038
CZK 750,000 CZK 25,125 CZK 120,930 CZK 228,577 CZK 559,557
CZK 1,000,000 CZK 33,500 CZK 161,241 CZK 304,770 CZK 746,077

Basic information for investor

Recommended investment horizon at least 3 years
ISIN LI0294389098
Investment category Real estate and real estate companies
TER (total expense ratio) of real estate and real estate company 1.15 %
Currency CZK
Valuation monthly
Supervisory body FMA Liechtenstein
Investment region EU
Auditor Deloitte

Statutory information – notice for investors

CZECH REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND is an alternative investment fond within the meaning of Directive 2011/61/EU of the European Parliament and the Council issued on 8 June 2011 on alternative investment fund managers. Pursuant to Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on investment companies and investment funds, as amended (“ZISIF”), the fund is a so-called foreign investment fund comparable to a special fund. The fund is registered in the list of foreign investment funds maintained by the Czech National Bank in line with Section 597(e) of the ZISIF and, therefore, investments in the fund may be publicly offered in the Czech Republic. In accordance with the fund’s status/prospectus, the fund may invest in real estate and real estate companies, or into other ancillary assets. The value of the investment may fluctuate over time and the return on the amount invested is not guaranteed. The investor bears full responsibility for the risk of their investment. Estimates of the fund’s returns or past performance data are not guarantees of future performance. Further information is available in the key information document and/or the fund statutes/prospectus. The key information is available in Czech, and the fund statutes in English at the links below.


Our satisfied investors

Experience of fund appreciation and assessment of investment consultants.

I want to invest

My first decision made in the field of investments – I decided to invest my savings in funds. I can only recommend it, everything is working well.

Mgr. Martina Polášková
Mgr. Martina Polášková

I have been collaborating with an investment consultant of EFEKTA for several years and everything is going in the right direction. So thank you for that.

 Michal Janotka
Michal Janotka
Presenter and reporter | FTV Prima

Financial services at a high professional level and consultancy that has convinced me that investing makes sense.

MUDr. Pavel Theiner, Ph.D.
MUDr. Pavel Theiner, Ph.D.
Chief Physician | University Hospital in Brno

When I need any information from the world of finance, I always contact my consultant from EFEKTA. We can speak openly, and he can always help me find the optimum solution.

Ing. Igor Prusenovský
Ing. Igor Prusenovský
Director | Pulco, a.s.

I appreciate the individual and professional approach, which was not forceful in any way. The consultant explained me the current economic situation with a prediction of further development and informed me about interesting opportunities for investments.

Aleš Křístek
Aleš Křístek
Owner | Tivoli Restaurant

Thanks to interesting and stable appreciation, I have been investing my finance with EFEKTA for several years.

 Monika Blažková
Monika Blažková
Dental lab technician

In investments, we have been collaborating for more than 4 years, thanks for them.

Ondřej Řezníček
Sales Director | Bossami s.r.o

Our experience is excellent, there has never been any problem and we are very satisfied. We can say the same about the obliging and reliable investment consultant from EFEKTA, who sticks to facts and is very helpful in our dealings.

Soňa Němečková

We are satisfied with the products and approach of the investment consultant from EFEKTA very much.

Trnavský family
Private accounting

I have been collaborating with EFEKTA based on recommendations from my parents, and I am very satisfied. I appreciate a very pleasant environment on the offices, willingness, flexibility, personal approach and primarily useful advice.

Lenka Janoušková
private tennis coach

My experience is very good, they have always presented me the investment opportunities and helped with their implementation.

Jaroslava Kohlerová
Insurance Agent | Česká pojišťovna

The consultant has showed me that money can make good money. I am glad, and I keep telling everybody ‘do not let your money laze about in your account’.

Ondřej Marek

Thorough information of banking, monitoring new trends. My assessment is based on years of experience. Undoubtedly the best collaboration we have ever faced.

Jitka a Jiří Hloskovi
VUT Brno

I have been investing with EFEKTA for 3 years, and I am not only satisfied with the appreciation of my investment, but also with flexibility and willingness of the consultants.

Ing. Karel Škoda

I am a very cautious, conservative investor. Nevertheless, we have always managed to choose the best instruments for me.

Ondřej Sedlák
Purchasing & logistics manager | ABB

I can fully devote myself to my job being aware that my savings are well cared for.

doc. Ing. Hana Šefrová, Ph.D.
Scientist | Mendel University

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the open-end real estate mutual fund?

    The open-end real estate mutual fund is intended for all investors on the market who want to invest in real estate together with other investors, and to achieve a better appreciation of their investments thanks to collective investing.

  • What is the minimum investment in the REAL ESTATE fund?

    The recommended minimum investment is CZK 500. You can invest only once, or regularly based on the preferences and possibilities of a particular investor.

  • How long do I need to leave my investment in the fund, and how long does it take to withdraw it?

    The minimum investment period is not set. Investing, however, needs to be understood as a long-term process, and your personal investment horizon should ideally be no shorter than 3 years, also because of the “tax test”, where, after expiry of this period, the income from the sale of a share certificate is not subject to tax. So the recommended investment period is at least 3 years. But if you need to withdraw your investment sooner, a three-month period is required.

  • What is the entry fee?

    An initial fee for arranging an investment is required by the funds, the amount of which depends on the invested amount (but is not higher than 5% of the invested amount). In the event of regular investments, there are several options of how to pay this fee. You will find a detailed list on the website of EFEKTA obchodník s cennými papíry a.s., which is the exclusive distributor of the fund in the territory of the Czech Republic, or please ask your investment consultant and arrange a meeting at a branch.

  • How does an investment in the fund exactly work?

    The Real Estate fund focuses on acquisitions and long-term possession of commercial properties. From money invested, the fund buys suitable investments, complying with the set strategy and generating a stable income in the long term. From the total yield, shares to investors are then paid. If a specific property does not comply with the strategy set by the fund, it can be sold into the market.

  • Who ensures the fund administration?

    The fund administrator and manager is CAIAC Fund Management AG, a leading Lichtenstein investment company that supervises all activities of the fund, decides on its strategy, legal and business aspects, acquisitions and sales of properties. In addition to international authorities of the EU, the regulations of Czech authorities, namely the Czech National Bank, also apply to the fund.

  • Who looks after the properties in the fund?

    The management and operation of the properties and relationships with lessees are ensured by Real Estate Facility Management a.s., a management company which is a member of DRFG, an investment group that is the fund founder. Real Estate Facility Management a.s. regularly reports its activities to the fund administrator – CAIAC Fund Management AG, a leading Lichtenstein investment company that ensures all relevant underlying information for correct decisions of the administrator and the fund founder.

  • How can I monitor the fund’s performance?

    Investors are informed on the current performance of the fund in regular reports that are sent to their contact address. The fund publishes the Annual Report on the fund’s activities every year. These and other materials are also published on the fund’s website and on the websites of the fund administrator and manager: CAIAC Fund Management AG.

  • Who is the founder of the fund?

    The founder of the fund is DRFG, an investment group that focuses on investments in real estate, telecommunications and financial services. In real estate, they have gained years of experience in acquisitions and management of retail, warehousing and office properties throughout the Czech Republic. In 2021, they ensured the technical administration and operation of properties exceeding CZK 8.73 billion.

More questions?

If you have more questions regarding this fund, or if you want to contact our representative directly, you can use the link below, and we will get back to you soon.