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Warning about internet scams

We have noticed that in recent days there have been many cases of fraud and misuse of the CZECH FUND brand, especially on the social network Facebook. Fraudsters pose as representatives of CZECH FUND and lure funds from users with the prospect of multiple appreciation of the deposit in a matter of hours.

Please be cautious and always use the services of authorized financial specialists to purchase our products.

If you are one of the victims, please contact us at czech@fund.cz. Thank you.

Complex City Olomouc

Complex City Olomouc

Main information

Location Olomouc
Project position on map

Complex City Olomouc represents a project in Olomouc with an approximate floor space area of 40,000 m2 divided between apartments and commercial premises. The project should include approximately 450 to 500 apartments in 4 buildings within an approx. 1-km walking distance from the station.

The project represents a building complex intended for residential and non-residential premises. The underground floors will house parking spaces, cellars and retail areas, such as shops and cafés.

  • Number of apartments: 500
  • Size of residential units: 1+ kitchenette up to 4+ kitchen
  • Parking: underground
  • The value of the project after the completion of the 1st stage 940 mil. CZK
  • The value of the project after the completion of the 2st stage 1,85 bil. CZK
  • Construction completion – 1st stage: 12/2024

Location and transport

The project is located in the regional city of Olomouc, the sixth most populous city in the Czech Republic, north of the city centre, near the local main railway station and Tovární Street.

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